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Charity Car Program

Making the choice to dispose of your vehicle in an environmentally safe way that benefits a charity in your community is one of the best decisions you could make – feel good and help those facing some of life’s most difficult challenges and even end up saving money on your tax return.

Charity Registration Form

Just a few of the reasons to join: Joining is easy as 1-2-3! Send in this Registration form. Receive more donations and be part of the environmental solution! Designed and run by Certified Auto Recyclers who will recycle the vehicle in an eco-friendly manner! Let us Drive those Donations to Your Organization!

By completing this form:

I am applying for representation of my Charity on the and site. I do have the legal right to sign my Charity / Organization up for this type of program.

Moreover, I agree to:

Post a Vehicle Donation page and link to the customized form has built for me so that more donors can see the opportunity to donate their high-polluting older vehicles and recycle them in an environmentally friendly manner.

If we are a Charity that issue Tax Receipts we will process the donations we get and send the tax receipts to the donors from the and websites.

Our partner Green Vehicle Disposal is North America's largest network of self-regulated Auto Recycling Facilities. Our Purpose is to provide our valued customers, with an Eco-Friendly solution for the disposal of old vehicles. All vehicles donated through are disposed of in an eco-friendly manner which meets and exceeds all provincial recycling rules.