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Academie Laurentienne

Academie Laurentienne, Val-Morin,QC Vehicle Donation Quotation Form

Laurentian Academy is a private school, with a co-ed student population at the Elementary and Secondary school levels, with facilities for both day students and boarders. Our philosophy is to create an environment in which young people can learn to become better citizens of the world ( and possibly its future leaders). This is to be accomplished by influencing not only their knowledge of the world, but also their health, culture, language ability, sports, as well as their understanding and vision of the world as a whole. Thus the Academy's mission : to offer youth from around the world an Educational Project favouring each students overall development.

Vehicle Donation Quotation Form

Please note: By filling out the form below you are not committed to donating your car. Filling out this form will allow us to contact you with a quote on the price the charity of your choice will receive for your vehicle. All personal data is kept strictly private and will never be sold.