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Ford Cools Down The Temperature To Test Winter Driving

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Fall is just around the corner and winter testing for cars is already here.

It’s a steamy 35 C in this small city on the Florida panhandle. Meanwhile, I am inside a giant chamber, suited up in full winter gear and watching snowflakes fall from the ceiling onto a line of vehicles below.

It’s -28 C inside the McKinley Climatic Laboratory on the Eglin Air Force Base, and Ford is showing me how it tests its cars and trucks for winter compatibility.

“One of the things we’re looking at is cold starts,” says Rich Shimon, technical expert on gasoline powertrain calibration for Ford. “When drivers get into the vehicle, they expect it to start right away and have a comfortable idle speed. Our job is to make sure our vehicles do that under any conceivable condition and with any conceivable fuel, and now we’re doing the extreme cold-weather testing.”

Accurate testing depends on stable conditions, which is why McKinley was constructed in the first place. Many fighter planes wouldn’t start in the cold during the Second World War, and since it couldn’t count on consistent weather outside, the U.S. government commissioned the facility for testing during equipment development. It was finished in 1947, and following a major renovation that wrapped up in 1997, it was then opened up to outside companies. It runs 24 hours a day and is fully booked for the next three years.

Its five chambers can reproduce any type of weather, except tornadoes and lightning strikes. It’s the largest in the world at 5,110 square metres, can go from a high of 48 C to a low of -65 C overnight, and can replicate hurricanes, fog, freezing rain and sandstorms.

Depending on the chamber used and the type of weather requested, rental costs range from $8,000 to $30,000 (U.S.) per day.

Ford uses the big chamber for three weeks each year, primarily because of its capacity. “We’re able to get 72 vehicles and 54 engineers into the chamber,” Shimon says. Back in Michigan, his team has to share Ford’s four smaller test chambers with other departments, and it would take months to do what he can achieve in Florida in three weeks.

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Car Sales New Technique Is To Focus On Tech

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The new generations of car buyers love their social media, smart phone and tablets and having a car with compatible technologies is right up their ally.

Targeting techies is an important marketing strategy for automakers, according to a study released today by J.D. Power.

The company’s 2015 U.S. Automotive Media and Marketing Report — Summer edition found that 30 percent of new-vehicle drivers cited their vehicle’s latest technology as a reason for purchasing.


J.D. Power has released the report twice a year since 1987, but this is the first time respondents were asked about technology features as a reason for purchase.


Among luxury-brand new-vehicle drivers, 43 percent said cutting-edge technology features influenced their purchase. Lincoln, Infiniti, Cadillac and Audi drivers had the highest proportions of respondents who cited technology features as a reason for purchasing.


Among non luxury-brand new-vehicle drivers, 28 percent were looking for the latest technology. Mazda, Buick and Chrysler drivers were the most interested in technology when deciding on a vehicle.


“Targeting these technology seekers with the right messaging is critical to using marketing dollars effectively to reach consumers who will actually buy new vehicles because of technology,” Arianne Walker, J.D. Power’s senior director of automotive media and marketing, said in a statement today.


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Fun Driving Facts.

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Sometimes you hear stories about how a boarder guard asked a friend of a friend if they’ve ever smoke a joint. Then they were forced to turn around if they said yes. We all hear them and we all pay no attention to them, because as if they’d ever happen to us. Fat chance right? Here’s the thing, there are some interested driving fact that are out there, that you wouldn’t believe.

For starters here’s some ones that I thought were interesting

1) You can get charged for leaving your older kids in the car

2) You can get a ticket if someone takes a video of you texting and driving

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Car Recycling Idea

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This junk car was turned into a mini playground in Ireland.

car recycling did i do it right

Reason to Go Green

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Love this simple illustration on why it is better for you to go green.

good reason to go green

Yugo Humor and Rants

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What do you call a Yugo with a flat tire? Totaled. What’s included in every Yugo owner’s manual? A bus schedule. What do you call a Yugo that breaks down after 100 miles? An overachiever. How do you double the value of your Yugo?  Fill the tank full of gas.  How do you make a Yugo go faster?  Hook it up to a fast tow truck.

yugo whiteAmericans love to hate the Yugo. It has been included on — and topped — many worst-car lists, including TIME’s 50 worst cars of all time. In The Yugo: The Rise and Fall of the Worst Car in History, Jason Vuic details why — despite the book’s clever title — the Yugo isn’t the worst car ever. Vuic explores how this little East European car that couldn’t quickly fell from “Yugomania” glory to being one of the most loathed cars of all time.

The Yugo has been called a hopelessly degenerate hunk of trash and a vile little car. Critics have said it’s hard to view on a full stomach. It’s easy to start feeling bad for the little guy.
Oh, sure. I had these memories as a kid in the 1980s of the car being panned by everyone, but I didn’t approach this book just to make fun of the car. I like little cars. I really didn’t pan the car. I’ve read a couple reviews that say, “Vuic doesn’t lay off the Yugo.” But I’m not really calling it anything. I’m trying to examine why Americans have made it such an icon for failure. I wanted to understand why we hate this car so much, even though most Americans have never seen a Yugo, let alone driven one.

But you deem it the “worst car in history” in the title of your book.
Absolutely. That is what it is known as to anyone over 35 who has heard of the Yugo. But I actually believe it is not the worst car in history. If a car is marketed in the United States and sold in the United States, that means it passed certain presale standards. [The Yugo] had to pass a safety test, a crash test. It had to pass an emissions test.

So it is one of the worst cars in American history, but not necessarily in the world’s history?
Americans tend to see America as the world. The Yugo was a bad car in America in the 1980s, but we don’t realize that there are many, many cars that never dreamed of coming to America. The Russian Ladas and the Czech Skodas of the world. Just the fact that the Yugo came here meant it was far and away better than many other cars in many other countries.