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Charity Watchdog Loses Charity Status

Posted by jg on October 1st, 2012 in Category Charity News, News from Canada (no responses)

In was an oh sh-t! moment.

There is a Rabbinic saying that you should not laugh at your enemy’s failure.  But we all do it because we are human.  This past week, Charity Intelligence, a “charity watch-dog” lost their CRA charity status for forgetting to file their paperwork on time.  While this has a hint of irony, there are some broader lessons to be gleaned from this.  So before we, shake our heads and laugh, as Don McCreesh, past chairman of Imagine Canada, an umbrella organization for Canada’s charitable sector, told Paul Waldie of the Globe & Mail. Perhaps we should look at what Kate Bahen and her team have actually brought to Canada’s charitable sector.

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