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Tata Nano Struggling in UK

Posted by jg on March 1st, 2011 in Category Go Green, Odd News (no responses)

nano tatoYou just might see some of these donated to charity soon rather than later, as the Indian automaker Tata is to test the European markets for the potential of launching one of its tiny vehicles.

The firm, which famously produces the Tata Nano, the world’s cheapest car, is reportedly set to unveil a three-door, four-seat vehicle at this week’s Geneva Motor Show, to see how European audiences react to a small Indian-built city car.

Tata has repeatedly said that it is considering bringing the Nano to western markets but has been faced with a slew of problems with the vehicle, along with the task of completing the considerable modifications necessary to bring the safety standards up to European or North American standards while maintaining the low cost.

Last year, it was forced to defend the Nano’s safety after a series of fires affecting the vehicles, offering free upgrades to win back the affection of the Indian market.

Last week, the Nano finished bottom of a customer satisfactions survey from global market research firm TNS Global, with the company saying that “the owners of Tata Nano expect more in terms of design.”

My guess is that the Tata won’t make many in-roads into the UK market just yet.